Serving Others

Minister through Music

Music is a gift from God and an important part of our services. We believe music is one of the many ways we can worship our great Savior and proclaim His truth. Through congregational singing, choir specials, and other special music we lift our voices in praise to God together each week.
Visitation and Discipleship

Soul winning/Visitation/Discipleship

We believe that Christ’s last command to the church should be one of our first priorities. There is no greater work a church or a believer can do than to reach someone with the saving Gospel of Christ. We regularly go out into our community seeking to bring the lost to Christ. Christ also commanded us to teach new believers the foundational truths of scripture. We are working diligently to disciple new believers through one on one discipleship.

Loaves of Love

Who doesn’t love a fresh baked loaf of bread, cake, muffin, Etc? (If the pastor “cooks” it, it will probably be a Krispy Kreme donut)  One of the ways we show our first-time visitors how much we appreciate their visit is through taking them a fresh baked gift from our church family. Jesus fed people with physical bread and with spiritual bread. We are simply following his pattern as we show his love to the world.
Loaves of Love
Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Our “Helping Hands” ministry is a way we as believers can put feet to our prayers and demonstrate the love of Christ in a tangible way. We love each other in our church family and want to be a blessing during times of big change or difficulty. Major life events can be hard to handle all by yourself. Hospital stays, death of a loved one, or even the awesome birth of a baby: All of these can be times when a “Helping Hand” is a great blessing. Christ told us that if we are going to live like Him it requires serving. This is one of the many ways you can serve through Central Baptist Church.

World-wide Mission

When God sent Jesus to this earth he said it was because he “loved the world”. We are working to not only reach our community with the gospel but also our world. World Missions is an important part of what we do at CBC. Through prayer, giving, and going we are working together with God called missionaries to proclaim Christ in the “regions beyond”.
Loaves of Love

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